Placing the tiles on the wall makes a unique style in the home, so many people like it in home decorations. However, many people are still not quite sure what a tile is and how to clean it when the tiles are stained. Below, and Xiao Bian together to understand it!

What is a tile? Porcelain stains cleaning method (images from the network)

What is a tile?

The so-called ceramic tile is an acid or alkali-resisting ceramic or stone-like building or decorative material formed by a process of grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, and sintering with refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides. The total called tiles. Its raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand, etc. Polished tiles and antique tiles all belong to tiles.

Tile refers to the surface of the wall surface with a thin layer of the patch, is a kind of internal wall tiles, the surface is smooth, belonging to the tiles in the tile class: is the whole body of the brick surface after grinding A bright brick is a type of brick. For bricks, the surface of the polished tile is much smoother. The polished tiles are hard and wear-resistant and suitable for use in most indoor spaces other than toilets and kitchens, such as for balconies, exterior wall decorations and the like. Based on the application of the infiltration technology, the polished tiles can make various kinds of imitating and imitating wood effects. Antique Tiles in Tiles: Antique tiles are not products of China’s ceramic industry and were imported from abroad. Antique tiles evolved from the color glazed bricks, essentially glazed porcelain tiles. The only difference is that the technical requirements for burning ancient bricks are relatively high. Thousands of tons of hydraulic presses are pressed. After sintering at a high temperature of a thousand degrees, the strength is high, and the wear resistance is extremely strong. After the well-developed antique bricks are combined Waterproof, non-slip, corrosion resistant properties.

Tile stain cleaning method

1. Tea stains clean

In life, it is unavoidable to get dirty things on the tiles, such as the splashing of tea when drinking tea, or accidentally scattering beer on the tiles when drinking beer, or when it is possible to eat ice cream, because ice cream is particularly easy to use. If you accidentally drop it on a tile, how can you clean it? You can choose to clean it with potassium bicarbonate. This type of cleaning fluid is available in general supermarkets or in places where tiles are sold exclusively.

2. Ink cleaning

If you have elementary school children in your home, you often use ink, pens, or paintings. It is also common to accidentally sprinkle ink on tiles. We all know that ink is not easy to clean, especially when the ink is dry, which is particularly difficult to handle. This can be eliminated with hydrochloric acid, preferably after the ink has fallen. Do not wait until the ink is dry so that the surface color of the tiles is not affected.

3. Paint cleaning

After living for a long time, it is necessary to repaint the walls or furniture in the home for better appearance. However, paint can not avoid the paint falling on the tile, this time with ordinary water can not eliminate the paint, you need to use a special cleaning agent.