The waist line is a design that many people will choose when decorating, but with regard to waist line bricks, many people do not know how to do it. Below, with Xiao Bian together to understand the waist line with the bricks and specifications and other related knowledge.

What is a waistline brick

Waist line bricks are mostly printed bricks, with some colorful and lovely patterns on the top. In order to match the specifications of the wall tiles, the waist line is set to 6 cm in height and 20 cm in width. Its role is like a beautiful one. The belt, which surrounds the brick wall, adds color to the monotonous walls and changes the atmosphere of the space.

Waist line size specifications

Waistline bricks are generally 6 cm high and 20 cm wide

Waist line brick material

At present, the waistline is mainly made of ceramics, resins, and metals (stainless steel), among which the waistline of the metal is mainly used in the decoration of large buildings, and the ceramics and resin materials used in the home are mainly used to emboss (concave and concave) effects. ) Very strong European patterns are generally resin materials.

Tile waist line

Many well-known decorative designers believe that the decorative effect of the waistline on ceramic tiles is exactly the same as people wearing fashion belts and jewelry. Waist line bricks are embedded in the golden dividing position of the tile’s overall decoration, which makes the interior decoration space of the building like music’s flowing notes combine perfectly in the movement. Similarly, the introduction of the chip design is also essential for the overall decoration of the tile. , to meet people’s double requirements for functionality and aesthetics.

Waist lines and flowers are inseparable combination, generally choose the waist line will choose the corresponding flower. Waist lines and flowers can make the space monotonous and become rich. Especially when the two tiles are combined, if there is no transitional effect of the waist line, it will be abrupt. In addition to the role of a finishing touch in the space, the use of waistlines and flowers can also reflect the owner’s personality, taste and life.

The elegant trend of the tiles is still popular, and the white, beige, and light-colored “Matte” series have become the masters. Waistline design will break the convention and take the vertical route. Compared to the horizontal waist line, the vertical waist line will be smoother on the line, and it will save more material than the waist line. In the choice of pattern, elegant, admirable, but also has a cultural taste or modern vertical waistline, is the best choice.