As a mobile display tool for man-made stone, the sample book is used very widely and universally. Artificial stone sample book production materials are usually plastic and EVA two kinds of materials. After long-term customer feedback, that the sample book used in the life is not long, after a period of time and need to re-create a new batch. As a stone sample of the professional design and production of the manufacturer. I think it is necessary to give you universal about the conservation methods of artificial stone samples. In the usual work if the correct use of the sample book, in order to allow the sample book to use more long time.

  1. Some customers are more impatient temperament, belonging to the kind of character left. So the work is also catchy. They are in the process of practical sample book often subconsciously forced to close, beat the sample book. A long time it is very easy to cause the sample tube edge of the rupture, especially plastic material.
  2. Placed stone samples when not well fixed will cause the sample book overworked, causing damage. Stone samples are not well fixed in a specific sample tank, in the mobile or bumpy state is extremely easy to produce a strong friction, this grinding force will be the sample box of the corners of the mechanical damage.
  3. Clean unreasonable, sample book used for some time, there is a certain amount of dust and grease. These are very normal circumstances, but we clean the dirt of the method is likely to accelerate the aging of the sample book. The reason is that the plastic box eva material is not suitable for wiping with acid and alkali liquid, acid and alkali will destroy their chemical molecular structure, causing irreversible damage.