The water in the bathroom always makes people feel uncomfortable, especially in the rainy season and the rainy season, the tiles in the bathroom are always out of water. How to keep the environment clean in the bathroom? Let’s take a look at the moisture-proof coup of the tiles with Xiaobian.

1. The bathroom wall tiles or stone paving should be done under the surface waterproof enough, use cement mortar to level the ground, coated with a good quality waterproof coating, and then a layer of 1 to 2 cement mortar as a bonding layer. Lay the tiles and other decorative materials. After watering, tamper with the boards to achieve smooth and tight joints. The ground surface layer of flowing water should be drained to the ground, and the water should not be poured or accumulated. The 24-hour storage test can be conducted without leakage.

2. The ceiling of the bathroom is recommended to use microporous aluminum gussets to enhance ventilation and prevent condensation. The moisture-proof effect is better. If you do plasterboard ceiling, you should first brush waterproof putty. Then brush waterproof coating In addition, the use of PVC ceiling is easy to produce condensation, and drop, so be cautious.

3. The installation of the bathroom pipeline should be avoided as much as possible to change the original up and down the tube, must be horizontal and vertical during the renovation, laying a firm, slope meet the requirements. Floor drain design is still based on the above drainage pipeline, the surface should be slightly lower than the ground, it is recommended to buy good quality deodorant floor drain.

4. Bathroom sanitary appliances should be installed in the correct location, along the level of the appliance. Bathroom appliances should be branded and have better waterproof performance.

For bath warmers or bath heaters that are used in long-term wet conditions, the enclosure should be made of stainless steel, with good anti-corrosion performance, and a waterproof power switch, cable, and plug.

5. The bathroom should be a reasonable avoidance of the use of wood materials, do need to use, fire board should be selected or do a full mix of oil decoration, can be waterproof. In the ceiling or other package decoration, hidden hidden keel needs to be painted with waterproof coating or antiseptic.