In home decoration, attention should be paid to the use of color in combination with the overall style. How to choose the color of the floor tile? The following is a brief introduction of the color of several floor tiles, take a look along with Xiaobian!

Floor tile color matching skills 4 colors with the program profile (images from the network)

1. Yellow floor tiles

The color of the yellow floor tiles can be said to be the use of more colors. Warm yellow tiles always make us feel warmer. The overall tone of the living room is warm and comfortable. The bright colors of the furniture and the yellowish-hued wall reveal a warm home living room decoration.

2. Dark green floor tiles

The blackish greenish-colored floor tiles, laid out in fresh bathrooms, give a more minimalistic design. However, the color of such floor tiles is still more picky, so be careful. Therefore, there is no definite conclusion as to what colors of floor tiles are good. It depends on the actual situation.

3. Dark brown floor tiles

Retro dark brown floor tiles, deep wood floor cabinets and cabinets in the kitchen create a strong sense of vintage. The bright yellow microwave oven became a bright color in the kitchen and was very eye-catching. Therefore, no matter what color the floor tiles are used in, the overall consistency is the most perfect.

4. light blue floor tiles

Dreamy blue-and-white bathroom design, blue and white gradient tiles covered the entire space, as if you walk into the sea world. This blue-and-white gradient floor tile color is particularly suitable for Mediterranean style decoration, fresh and soft, giving a relaxing experience.