Tiles are the flooring decoration materials that many families will choose. Tiles of different specifications have different paving methods. Differences in paving methods result in different finishes, and the cost of paving is very different. The following small series will give you a brief introduction to the five common tiles.

First, the rules laid simple atmosphere

Laying points: Paving with parallel walls. The brick seams are aligned and without seams, while the seaming process is similar to the color of the bricks. It looks clean and tidy.

Suitable type: Usually used polished tiles, suitable for modern minimalist styles.

Intimate Tip: Rectangular tiles are laid horizontally or vertically, making the entire space spacious.

Second, the combination of paving feels more refined

Laying points: Tiles of different sizes, styles and colors are laid out in a certain combination.

Suitable types: Suitable for European style and rustic style, with rich paving methods. It is usually possible to use marbles or tiles that are slightly darker than the main tile of the shop, with around 15 cm around the ground. The paving effect will make people feel more refined and more expressive of space.

In the modern minimalist style home, the combination of tiles with a large color contrast makes the geometric lines of the ground rich, which can play a good contrast.

Intimate tips: modular paving matching products are wave line, parquet and so on. The wave lines generally use dark colored tiles, and the antique tiles also have specially matched wave lines, which are mainly used on the ground or on the entrance hall. Ground flower lines, corner flowers, etc. are ground decoration paintings made of ceramic tiles, mainly used in halls, coffee tables or under tables.

Third, I-shaped paving solemn gas

Laying points: I-shaped paving method is modeled on the wooden floor paving method and is mostly used for the paving of a small number of tiles such as wood tiles.

Suitable type: I-shaped patchwork, visually distracted, but at the same time monotonous, but also create a solemn atmosphere, calm and heavy effect.

Intimate Tip: I-shaped paving method can best weaken the oppressive feeling in the narrow space, suitable for use in the aisle, kitchen or bathroom.

Fourth, diamond oblique shop for small area embellishment

Laying points: Rows of bricks are laid at a 45-degree angle to the wall. This method is relatively costly. It is best to leave a wide seam at the time of the antique brick slanting and leave the seam between 3 and 8 mm, which reflects the quaint feeling of the brick. You can choose a seaming agent that is close to the color of the brick body, or you can choose a contrasting seaming agent to treat the brick seams. The geometric lines are crisscrossed to make the overall effect more vivid and uniform, which can bring a strong three-dimensional effect to the space.

Suitable type: Antique bricks are most commonly used for oblique shopping at an angle of 45 degrees, suitable for European and Chinese styles, but also for modern minimalist styles. In the visual, the original square bricks will become diamonds, not too rigid, slanting The effect is even greater.

Intimate Tip: The smaller size of the square tile slanting shop, suitable for a small area of local embellishment, because a large area of use will give people trivial feeling, it is not easy to clean.

Fifth, herringbone show personality

Laying points: The two adjacent rectangular tiles are laid at an angle of 45 degrees, and one of them is exactly aligned with the middle of the long side of the other, like the shape of “person”. Or use mosaics, pebbles, etc. to form a completely irregular shape.

Fit type: herringbone paving is a relatively new way of paving, suitable for a personalized modern minimalist style home.